Who are we ?

The A.E.M.M.O is the French Trade Association of used Machine Tools Dealers.

Created in 1987, the association is a non-profit organization and its objectives are the realization and co-ordination of research into the legislation and technical regulations with regard to everything that is connected with machine tools. In this respect the association is allowed to organize congresses, and can undertake all activities, which can stimulate this purpose. 

Consequently,  A.E.M.M.O. is afiliated to the E.A.M.T.M (European Association of Machine Tools Merchants) located in Brussels which membership includes, at the European level, more than 150 machine tools merchants 

Members of A.E.M.M.O. agree to comply to the E.A.M.T.M's code of ethics, to sell machine tools in conformity with the European legislation and generally to act in the constant search of their customers' satisfaction.

Organization chart



  • Commercial trading between the 160  members from 25 differents countries

  • Opens a wide international and national market place among the members.

  • Safe payments for commercial exchanges for the members.

  • Wanted & for sale space available on the line.

  • Free access to the E.A.M.T.M's website to send e-mails to the  machine tools merchants with a  simple click.

  • Publish their machines stock on the website


  • Membership is granted to persons and/or legal entities, who are on account of their activities interested in machine tools in a european country.

  • Be sponsored by two  members of EAMTM


For further  informations,  contact :

European Association of Machine Tool Merchants (EAMTM)
Villalaan 83
1190 Brussels
Tel. : + 32 2 534 15 15
fax : + 32 2 538 12 14
Email : info@eamtm.com
website : www.eamtm.com